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Installing Computer Science Lab

on Windows 7

This page documents the dialog boxes you will encounter while installing my Computer Science Lab software on a computer running the Windows 7 operating system (either the 32-bit or 64-bit editions).

Start by inserting the Computer Science Lab CD into your CD-ROM drive. In the old days the AutoRun feature of Windows would automatically start the SETUP.EXE program located on the CD. In Windows 7 an AutoPlay dialog appears and asks if you want to allow SETUP.EXE to run.

Click on Run Setup.exe.

Next Windows 7 displays the User Account Control dialog which serves to warn you that you are about to run an executable program (namely, Setup.exe). If you are currently logged into Windows under an Administrator account then this dialog will look like the following:

Otherwise the dialog will have an extra section that requires you to enter an Administrator password:

Click on Yes.

The main Computer Science Lab Install dialog appears.

Accept all the defaults (that is, make no changes) and then click on Install.

Click on OK in 3 consecutive dialogs that discuss the fact that these programs 1) can be installed for one or all users, 2) are licensed not sold, and 3) are not warrantied.

The blue progress bar now slowly creeps across the main Install dialog as files are copied from the CD to your hard drive.

After a couple of minutes the Installation was Successful dialog appears.

Click on OK.

Trying to be helpful, Windows 7 now displays its Program Compatibility Assistant dialog which offers to re-install the program that was just installed.

This is not necessary so click on This program installed correctly.

You are now done with the Computer Science Lab CD and you won't need it again (unless you decide to Uninstall the software).

The 3 programs (RPNCalc.exe, 8051.exe, and CppIde.exe) are now installed. You can now initiate any of the 3 courses. For example, to initiate the CppIde environment for programming in C or C++ go to your Start Menu and select:

Start -> All Programs -> Computer Science Lab -> C++ IDE

Note that if you are new to programming you should study the 3 courses in the order: RPNCalc, 8051, and CppIde. To start reading the textbook (which is an eBook) for one of the courses simply select Help->Help from the main menu for that program.

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